Who Am I?

My name is Ellery and I am a Reading Consultant, but more importantly, a mom to two sons (LoLo and Mr. F) and a daughter (LaLa) who are all under 5 years old.  I created this blog because I am so busy and always looking for the latest and greatest baby, kid, and mom products out there to make my chaotic life move smoother.

I also seem to be the go-to person for all my expectant friends and family, and I found that I had all their answers...and LOVED giving them product advice.

This site was created to give you advice on which products I feel are the best.  From gear, feeding, clothing, technology...anything a busy Mom could need.  I am always open to take questions, and will answer back with items I have found the most useful.

I will NEVER give a positive review of a product I do not love and use (even if it was given to me by the company).

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