S*#ff my kids say!

This page is dedicated to all the crazy, silly, uplifting, enlightened, outstanding stuff my kids say (yes, stuff-I am a Mommy and just can't use the other word-even in text form)! I would love to hear from you too, so please feel free to post your comments.

*All my kids have 'stage names' on this site for privacy reasons.

If you are new, here is the translation:
LoLo-my first born son, born 3/02/2007, is also known as "Black Ninja" as I was recently told (who has to fight crime with his sword tucked in his waistband and no shirt...because "that is how they do it on TV!")
LaLa-my second born daughter, born 3/21/2008, also known as "the diva", "Miss Dramatic," and just plain hilarious!
Mr. F- my crazy toddler born 5/27/2010.  He is always happy and smiling, then doing crazy stunts as soon as Mommy's back is turned!

LaLa- 2 years,  7 months
LaLa  was getting her hair brushed out by my husband and he said "oh honey, you have a big knot here."  Her reply was "it's not a knot Daddy, it is a ready-or-knot!"

LoLo- 3 years, 5 months
LoLo , LaLa, and a friend were taking a bubble bath in grandma's tub.
LoLo said something about “poo poo, pee, pee” and I said, “LoLo we don’t use potty
language here." LoLo said, “Why not? We’re in a bathroom.” Well, sure enough we were-I had no comeback for that!

LoLo- 3 years, 6 months
(Daddy) "LoLo did you toot?"
(LoLo) "No!"
(Daddy) "Are you a toot-a-lotimus?" (teasing him)
(LoLo) "No, Sandi says I’m an “Instigator.” 

LoLo-3 years, 11 months
(LoLo) "Mom, where is Mia (our dog)?"
(Mommy) "Up in heaven with God."
(LoLo) "Why is she up there?"
(Mommy)  "God called her up there because it was her time to go."
(LoLo)  "Well....who walked her up there?"

LaLa-2 years, 6 months
(LoLo) "Oh, there's a ladybug in your fountain Nonna."
(Nonna) "It's just swimming"
(LoLo) "No Nonna, it's on its back!"
(Nonna) "Well, it's legs are probably moving."
(LaLa)" No, it's at rest...It's all alone....Forever (sounding forlorn)."

LoLo-3 years, 11 months
(LaLa) "My tummy hurts really bad, I need a band-aid!"
(LoLo) "That's silly! You can't put a band-aid in you tummy...it won't stick!"

LaLa-2 years, 11 months
LaLa said in the car the other day "Look at all the water Mommy!" I looked out the window and saw sky and thought 'what is she talking about?'
"See Mommy on my window, that is con-ben-say-shun!"
Nice to know learning that big word months ago has stuck.
Now to teach her we say condensation!

LaLa-3 years, 0 months
Tonight we had pizza with sausage pieces on top.
(Daddy) "LaLa do you want some more pizza?"
(LaLa) "Yes, but without the dirty parts (she meant the sausage)!"

LaLa-3 years, 2 months
(LoLo) "Mom, I saw a dead lizard at school today."
(Me) "How did you know it was dead?"
(LoLo) Long pause.
(LaLa) "Because I stepped on it! Hahaha (somewhat evil sounding laugh)."
-turns out she didn't, she was just trying to make us laugh :)

LoLo- 4 years, 3 months
(Mr. F) "blah, blah....baby talk.... blah."
(Nonna) "What Mr. F?  Blah, blah."
(LoLo) "No, Nonna.  You can't understand him because he is speaking baby Spanish!"

LaLa-3 years, 3 months
(Me) "Guess what? Since you took a nap you get a Boysenberry milkshake!"
(LaLa) "How about a Girl's and Berry milkshake?" (she looked so sad because she thought it was only for boys!)

LoLo- 4 years, 3 months
(Me) "You can't wear those plaid shorts with that top! They don't match."
(LoLo) "I know Mom! I want to be unique."

LoLo-4 years, 4 months
LoLo was helping me sort and fold laundry when he held up my bra and said:
(LoLo) "(long pause) Mommy here is your....nipple covers."
(Me) "Oh thanks, LoLo.  It is called a bra.  Let me just put that in the drawer!"

LaLa-4 years
(Me) "LoLo, you want spikey hair or over to the side today?"
(LoLo) "I want over to the side.  No spikes Mom!"
(LaLa) "You should do spikes LoLo so you look like Tri-HAIR-i-tops!"
She actually thought that was how you say it, she was NOT trying to be funny!


  1. Too funny.
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  2. "Who walked her up there?" So sweet.

    Here's one for you:
    When telling my 3-year-old that it was time to turn off the TV and go to bed, he pointed the remote at me and said, "Time to turn you off, Mom."

  3. Anonymous,
    That is so cute...but I am guessing not so much at the moment!
    Thanks so much for sharing.


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