This page has things which were once listed as a 'Latest Obsession.'

They are still great, but just not at the top of our list right now:

The kids still use this rocker as a rocking chair now.  Even at 3 and 4 they still love it and fit in it well.
     Brown Bear-Panda Bear What Do You See Game. The Eric Carle story comes to life in this board game perfect for preschoolers. My 3 and 4 year olds can play it well, and it keeps their attention too! The colorful board, and familiar characters are great, and the directions for play are very simple and easy to follow. For under $10, it makes a great addition to family game nig

      Organic Mum-Mums rice cake biscuits by Hot-Kid are a hit with my 9 month old. He had a hard time transitioning from baby food to finger foods and would only eat puffs. These rice cakes are large biscuits that dissolve fast just like puffs!
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