Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kid's Music Series: All On A Sunday Afternoon by Sugar Free Allstars

The Sugar Free Allstars are best known for their funky mix of high-energy dance songs from their previous albums, and their third release All On A Sunday Afternoon is much of the same (available June 2012).

The album contains 10 new "kid-friendly rhythm-and-blues songs" that my kids enjoyed and were bopping along too.  I found that some of the songs were a little long (over 4 minutes), and the frequent drum solos were a little, frequent!  I did appreciate that this album was extremely unique and contained rock, gospel, disco, funk, soul and pop- very diverse.

All On A Sunday Afternoon also comes with a bonus concert video DVD that was a huge disappointment.  The poor video quality of the band performing to dancing kids in a friends garage (yes, think no set and concrete walls), was not what I would hope for from a professional band; however, since it was a "bonus" and not added to the price I didn't mind too much.

I give All On A Sunday Afternoon by The Sugar Free Allstars a 3 out of 5 for a unique mix of musical styles.


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