Sunday, July 8, 2012

Uncle Milton and NatGeo: A Perfect Fit To The Puzzle

Uncle Milton has always made great educational products, but their recent team up with NatGeo Wild has created some products that any animal lover will crave!  This fantastic new line is available at your local Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

I was excited to test out some of the new puzzles and games in Uncle Milton's new NatGeoWild line including the Memory Match Game: Baby Wild Animals, and the African Elephant Floor Puzzle.

The Memory Match Game comes in a great compact box with hemp handle that is perfect to take with you on trips or for your little one to carry around the house.  I really appreciated that the box was made of a thicker cardboard which would be more likely to hold up to multiple uses and mutilations by my 3 little ones!  The pieces of the game are super-thick (no really, I have never seen ones this good quality in a matching game), and the close up animal images are very vibrant and cute!  The kids loved the animal photos, and as a teacher I loved that the animal names were printed clearly on the fronts.  The Memory Match Game: Baby Wild Animals is perfect for ages 3 and up.

The African Elephant Floor Puzzle also comes in a great carrying case with hemp handle and boasts 46 really large pieces.  The kids had a great time working with their friends to complete the puzzle and had a stunning image on the floor in no time.  I recommend this one for ages 5 and up as the pieces are a little difficult to assemble due to the large amount of sky in the image.  The puzzle pieces themselves are thick and high quality, and the image of the large elephant is very vibrant and beautiful when completed.

Check out Uncle Milton's NatGeo Wild line today by clicking here!


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