Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kid's Music Series: Putumayo Kids Presents Cowboy Playground

Get ready for Summer with the newest release from Putumayo Kids: Cowboy Playground (release date May, 22, 2012).  Whether you have a little Cowboy in your household, or just some great jams for kids that are fun, upbeat, and playful...then Cowboy Playground is for you.

The 12 song, 35-minute disc makes me really want to learn how to play guitar and had the kids stomping their feet and marching around the room....guess that was what a 4 and 5-year old think a Cowboy does?!

The playlist for Cowboy Playground includes:
  • Saddle Bum: Funny title, and cute little song that my kids really enjoyed
  • I'm an Old Cowhand: LoLo wants to know "how do you learn to ride, before you learn to stand?"  Cute lyrics...lots of explaining from Mom :)
  • Close -em on Up:  Cowboy diet?  Not for my little ones!  Beans in a can?  Dried Apple Pie?  The kids somehow thought that was hysterical-wish I got it!
  • Back In The Saddle Again:  Great duet that had me thinking Dolly and Willy kids-style?!  Really enjoyed it.
  • It's the Cowboy Life for Me: You can just picture the trek this lone Cowboy is taking.  Ah, sounds so relaxing at the moment.
  • Pecos Bill: "The Western Superman"....yes, that is all you have to say to get LoLo's attention! 
  • Don't Fence Me In:  This great classic is perfect for the kids to sing along too.
  • Home On The Range:  Who doesn't like this song?  A great vocabulary teaching tool as well ("balmy" that is a fun one to explain)!
  • Whoopee Ti Yi Yo:  Did you know this was the first-ever Cowboy song published over 100 years ago?  Me neither, but a fun fact to share with your kiddos!
  • May The Trail Rise Up To Greet You: The birds and flowers will keep you company on your Cowboy journey with this one.
  • Take Me Back to the Range: Ah, so need to take the kids camping after listening to this song. Campfire and sleeping under the stars is sounding really peaceful (yet dirty) right now.
  • Happy Trails:  Perfect way to end the disc! Great old classic.
I give Cowboy Playground by Putumayo Kids Presents a 4 out of 5 stars for making a great kid-friendly country album.  The fun songs about the Cowboy way of life are vivid, imaginative, and fun!


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