Friday, May 25, 2012

Kid's Music Series: I Am Happy! by Sukey Molloy

I Am Happy! by Sukey Molloy is the perfect album for little ones who love to do music and movement.  The fun songs encourage young children to play with props and learn about nature, all while developing self-esteem.

I Am Happy! is geared towards ages 2 through 5 and just reminds me of my kid's preschool teacher (warm and fuzzy and very non-threatening).  My kids enjoyed the animal sounds repeated throughout Cuckoo Bird, and LaLa (4) really loved playing with scarfs to I Put A Scarf On My Head Jack and Jill is a fun song on the classic tale...however, this one is about giggles and pickles?! A fun mix of whimsy and oddness.  Riding on a Ferry and It's Snowing are songs about some fun new experiences for little ones, while Action Chant had my kids up and working on those gross motor skills.

Overall, I Am Happy! by Sukey Molloy gets a 3 out of 5 for fun creativity that encourages child participation.  A perfect album for any teacher!

Check out Sukey's website for more great products and see all the high acclaim she has received!


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