Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kid's App Series: LazyTown Friends Forever by BooClips

BooClips' latest release LazyTown Friends Forever brings to life the cute television series that touts healthy eating and good manners.  The fun and colorful graphics are perfect for ages 3 and up, while the story plots and embedded videos appeal to all kids.

Like other BooClips Apps, this one highlights the words as the story is read which help to promote one-to-one correspondence and independent reading.  My kids love the video clips that follow the storyline of the written text and show the actual characters from the television show.

This LazyTown Friends Forever App is only 99 cents, and would be the perfect addition to your iPad for bedtime reading.  The fun games, coloring pages, and interactive features of this App are fun for any age.

Check out the video clip below for a better idea of what the App entails:


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