Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Worth The Cost? Bella Ballerina Shoes by Skechers

LaLa (age 4) recently got a pair of Bella Ballerina Prima Princess Sneakers by Skechers for her birthday and she was so excited!  Seriously, she just turned 4 and was asking for these shoes for months.

I had a hard time buying shoes that retail for around $40 when she has lately been outgrowing shoes about every 2 months!  So, Nonna to the rescue.  She bought the Light Pink/Hot Pink model:

These shoes are marketed to girls ages 4 and up and the commercials show a cartoon girl who can spin just like a ballerina in these shoes.  In reality, the spinner (see below) is just a plastic insert embedded in the ball of the shoe so that when your daughter goes on her toes on one foot she can twirl around.
The design is really simple and does work effectively.  LaLa was able to figure out how to spin right away (for not the world's most coordinated child) and she truly does adore these shoes!  I was worried that they would not hold up to wear and tear, but after an impromptu trip through a mud puddle, followed by machine washing, they did come out great!  The fabric bounced back to light pink too with no wear showing and the toe and sole is only showing minimal wear after about a month of almost daily wear.

I have to say that the overall quality of these shoes is good and consistent with the Skechers brand name, and for all the joy she has gotten over showing them off to friends, they might....just might...be worth the high price.


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