Thursday, April 19, 2012

PaperFlavor: Stationary and Invitations So Cute You Will Want To Frame Them!

Do you ever get a card or invitation in the mail and think "Oh my, this is so cute I just want to save it! (but, really in your head you are thinking about how much the person must have shelled out for it)?"  Well, today's review is of one of the cutest stationary makers I have ever seen that WILL NOT cost you a fortune!  Hooray!

PaperFlavor is an adorable LA-based company that makes stationary items, personalized items, apparel, bags, and too much to name.  I fell in love with their graphics and bold colors and just had to test them out!  I was impressed upon receiving the items that the paper quality was great too, and that you can get invitations/announcements as low as $1.05!

I am going to review 2 products from their "She's About To Pop" line which features the cutest graphic (seen below) of a bubblegum blowing girl with a gumball machine hat!  You can even get these personalized with all of your information to get a more professional look.
The cute graphics are designed by Michelle and Pauline who created PaperFlavor "over a love of shared mini cupcakes, happy thoughts, and a desire to grow a company based on creativity and moxie.."  I have to admit that each of their creations has a bit of whimsy and fun that I am very drawn to...along with mini cupcakes (seriously, who doesn't like those?!).

The thank you cards with the "She's Ready To Pop" graphic are adorable too (see above), and I love the coordinating colors of the envelopes!  The paper quality is again great, and the simplicity of the design allows a lot of writing space.

They also sent some cute mini pins with the bubblegum girl, and cherry girl on them that LaLa called "dibs" on immediately (didn't realize my 4-year old knew what that meant).  She is so excited to put them on her new shoes and show off at preschool!

I could go on and on about all the cute products from PaperFlavor, but wouldn't it just be better to explore it for yourself.  Or, would you rather check it out AND save 10%?  Yeah, thought you might:)

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