Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kid's Music Series: Over The Moon-The Broadway Lullaby Project

Love Broadway, but want a softer mix to lure your little one to sleep?  If so, or if you just love great soft music, then Over The Moon: The Broadway Lullaby Project is the perfect album for you (available May 6, 2012).

This 2 disc, 26-song collection features the vocals of some of today's greatest Broadway stars from such names as: Anastasia Barzee, Michael Cerveris, Victoria Clark, Raul Esparza, Sutton Foster, Brian D’Arcy James, Rebecca Luker, Kelli O’Hara, Donna Murphy, Anika Noni Rose and Vanessa Williams.  These singers teamed up with some amazing composers from the Broadway circuit who created original pieces to compliment the dynamic voices and theme of these albums.

I just love the relaxing lullabies on these discs and really appreciated the original songs and AMAZING voices!  I found these songs to be ones that work wonders on calming down the crazies in the car, and also helped to tame Mommy's anxiety attacks due to car fighting :)  Oh, I am sure you know what I mean...when a 15 minute drive feel like a lifetime?!

Not only is Over The Moon an amazing 2-disc collection, but also there is also a hardcover picture book depicting 17 of the songs from the collection.  I fell in love with a few of the illustrations, especially A Lullaby For Midnight with its amazing starry ocean and Winding Down To Sleep with its simplistic line drawings depicting just how my crazy little girl gets ready for bed (how did they know?).

Creators of Over The Moon also made a short documentary film on the entire process of making such a unique work including the foundation for the idea through the breast-cancer related death of Kate Dawson (a well-known name in the NY Theater Community).

Over The Moon: The Broadway Lullaby Project is one you just have to check out to include in your family library.  I found that I play this one for myself more than I do the kids, and to find an album that all of us can LOVE is really amazing!

Check out some behind the scenes videos for more of the concept and songs:


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