Monday, April 30, 2012

Kid's App Series: Party Day by Laurie Berkner for The Nook

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie we are just so excited that you keep branching out with new fun things for my little kiddos!  This time Laurie Berkner (from The Laurie Berkner Band which is our ALL time favorite kid's band) has created an adorable storybook available through the Barnes and Noble Nook called Party Day.  We were so excited to try it out, and the Nook whose software I was unfamiliar with but am now a huge fan!

The book itself can be read to you by Laurie, read by yourself (with no audio), or recorded in your child's voice, or by a family member.  LoLo (age 5) loved reading the story out loud and recording it to playback later.  It is really cute how the software allows you to choose a little avatar for your reader that it saves for you to enjoy next time!

The colorful graphics and very pre-schooler friendly characters add to the fun, as well as the hit song "Party Day" that is played throughout the story.  The kids enjoyed finding the hidden frog, and I liked that it was super easy for them to navigate and only had a limited number of touch-and-act features (some apps are just going overkill on that one that my kids miss out on the story itself).

Party Day for the Nook is a must-have if you own this device.  Honestly though, for the cost of around $160 and the sneek peak of some amazing color kid's books I am checking out now (reviews coming soon), you may just want to pick one up!

Check out the demo of this cute book here from Laurie's site:

Thanks Laurie! Keep them coming!

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