Monday, April 2, 2012

Get Ready For Summer With These Perfect Outdoor Toys!

I love Summer!  What's not to love with the warmer weather, the lazy days, the water play, oh and don't forget the time spent with the kiddos?  Every year I try to come up with at least one new outdoor toy/accessory that will make us spending life outside with 3 kids under 5 more bearable.

You may have read about some of my past favorite items, but I thought I would condense them all into one quick post so you can see the ones we still love:

1.  This year I really looking forward to enjoying eating outside (if the wasps don't take over), and using our Little Tikes Endless Adventures Easy Store Jr. Table which is perfect for 3-4 kids.

We also just received the Little Tikes Fold and Store Table With Umbrella which is a larger table (6-8 kids), that I really love; however, don't rely on really being able to fold and store it easily:

The Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer is always a HUGE hit at any playdate, and for the price it has held up extremely well for 3 years of abuse use!:

The Step 2 Up and Down Rollercoaster is another one of those indestructible toys that have weathered tons of abuse.  We love the simple design and have had 10 month olds up to 92 year olds use it (not recommended for over 6, so shhh):

I look forward to adding some new items to our outdoor Summer fun this year, so stay tuned for more great items to come!


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