Friday, April 13, 2012

Cutest Little Adirondack Chairs For Kids Ever...That Won't Break The Bank!

I am so ready for the warmer weather and spending time outdoors that I have begun to look for great new kid-related outdoor products.  On my weekly trip to Wal-Mart this week I found the most adorable plastic kid's Adirondack chairs ever!

I am usually against buying cheap kids chairs made from non-durable plastic; however, these ones are much sturdier than other simple designs due to the low profile of the seat and the thicker arms, legs, and back of the chair.  The low seat allows even small toddlers (age 1) to sit safely, while still being able to accommodate up to a 6 year old. Plus they are easily stackable. 

They come in purple, bright blue, hot pink, and bright green, and were around $5 each!  I bought 5 so all the kids can have one plus some extras for friends.  The bright green chairs look so cute out in the yard and I can't wait to add more fun items to our set!  For only $5, I just had to share...I am sure they will go quick, so check your local store for them today!


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