Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tonka Bounceback RC Racer: The Perfect RC Car For Preschoolers!

LoLo (age 5) is really into RC cars right now, but gets so frustrated with some of the controls, that when his birthday rolled around I was looking for the perfect RC car for a kindergartner...I found it in the Tonka Bounceback RC Racer.

The  Bounceback Racer retails for around $25, which is a steal for any RC car.  I love that there are only 2 control buttons on the remote (forward and backwards), but with some adult controlling you can possibly make it turn too.

One of the best features of this RC car is that you can make it flip over and then continue to race.  The car is designed in that there are two car bodies (red and blue OR purple and green-depending on the model you get).  If you change direction quickly, or hit a wall, you can make the car flip and then continue on its way.  Even my 21 month old can drive this car!

I also love that the wheels on the car are HUGE and soft and that it doesn't hurt when it runs you over (yeah, don't ask)!  One of the features that I don't like is that it takes 6 AA batteries for the car and one D battery for the remote.  They seem to last a fairly good amount of time, yet the sheer initial cost of this many batteries that are NOT included is a little sad.

Another feature to be careful of is that if you do decide that you would like 2 cars to race, you must purchase on red/blue model and one green/purple model.  We ended up getting two of the same colors as birthday gifts and since they are on the same frequency (and can not be changed) they both drive off of the same remote!  Really a pain.

Even though there are some downsides to these RC cars, I still feel that they are the best ones out there for the 2-6 year old range.  They would also be great for kids with limited motor skills.  I feel like these cars will put up with a lot of beating and have even taken a few "rides" down the stairs and survived!


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