Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Klippie Klub by Itzy Bitzy Designs: The Perfect Gift For Any Princess!

In case you don't already know, my daughter is addicted to hair clips! Yes, LaLa is only 3 but somehow I am she is a clip-aholic!  So what better way to celebrate than with a membership to Itzy Bitzy Designs' Klippie Klub in which you are sent clips monthly (at a fantastic price) to help build (or in our case add to) your princess' clip collection.

You may already associate Itzy Bitzy Designs with Squeaky Shoes, but the newest launch of their Klippie Klub is sure to be as successful.  I loved the first month's package that came complete with the Klippie Klutch (think makeup travel bag designed to hang and display all your clips), and 7 clips and a headband!  I could not believe how much was included for the low price of $15.99 per month  (that's only about 3 Starbucks trips).  It is also nice that you have the option of choosing from a no commitment plan or a 6 month plan (which comes with some cool free stuff):

What's the best part of the Klippie Klub of The Month?  Yes, the clips are pretty great-but I really appreciate that a portion of Itzy Bitzy's sales goes to support organizations that benefit children with Treacher Collins and other facial differences.  The matter is close to heart due to the creator of Itzy Bitzy's daughter Sydney being born with the rare genetic disorder.

Check out Klippie Klub today and see what it has to offer, and also make sure to check out Itzy Bitzy Designs to learn more about their products and the amazing story behind its creator (and her darling inspirations).

*More posts coming soon to show you what else comes with this amazing offer!  Stay tuned!


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