Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kid's Music Series: One Little Sound-Fun With Phonics and Numbers by Hap Palmer

I am always on the lookout for great educational CDs and this latest review is my newest favorite!  Hap Palmer's album One Little Sound-Fun With Phonics and Numbers is just perfect for ages 3-6 who are just starting out with phonics or learning to master basic phonics skills.

As a Reading Specialist and Mom, it is so important to me that I introduce phonics everywhere I can without the kiddos really thinking of it as learning.  After all, those little moments in the car singing along to great songs are sometimes the ones that 'stick' best, and that is where this fantastic album comes in.  Whether it is songs that teach segmenting and blending and give the kids opportunities to shout out the answers before the kids on the CD, or teaching about vowels in a very funny way, One Little Sound is the Must-Have album if you have a little one!

Here is the playlist for One Little Sound:
1. Chickadee and Chipmunk-Learning to count syllables in words.  Kids love to clap along and count!
2. Bop 'til We Drop-A song about the word family -OP.  My kids love this one!
3. Marching Around the Alphabet-This cute song to teach the alphabet had the kids marching around the room
4. Ayee I Owe You-My favorite on the disc.  A creative and funny way to teach vowels.
5. Mary and Marvin-Fun movements you can do along with this song
6. Bounce!-Practice segmenting with this one and guess the answers before the kids sing them.  LoLo (age 5) LOVED trying to get them all fast!
7. Follow Along-Get up and move your whole body around with this one
8. One Little Sound-Practice removing initial sounds with this one.  One little sound can make all the difference between words (can't-ant)
9. D-O-G Walkin' the Dog-Change initial sounds to make new words (dog-fog)
10. Celebrate the Day-A fun Happy Birthday song with some addition and subtraction thrown in
11. How Many Are Here?-Add along with the fun lyrics of this song
12. The Secret Word-Blend all the sounds together to find out the 'secret word!'

This album also has just instrumental versions of all of the songs, which honestly as a teacher I enjoy but thought that it was a slight space taker on the album with 12 instrumental songs in all!  For this reason alone, I give One Little Sound-Fun With Phonics and Numbers a 4 out of 5 stars for the 12 great phonics songs it contains which are terrific.


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