Monday, March 26, 2012

Kid's Music Series: Delicious by Orange Sherbet

Just the title of this album alone should give some hint of what you might expect to find inside Orange Sherbet's 5th album 'Delicious' (releases on May 15th, 2012); however, the connection to its inspiration is what caught my attention.

Orange Sherbet is a Bay Area band that decided to create their newest album based upon all the great locally grown foods that surround the San Francisco area.  This CD is a tribute to buying, growing, and preparing foods that are good for you and taste great!  I love that concept and believe that their songs on this album are a fun way to teach your kids about great nutrition, regardless of whether or not you buy from your local grower or just the grocery store.

Here is what you get on the 38 minute album:
-Delicious: A fun and funky song that describes the different tastes, flavors, and emotions you might feel when eating.
-Springtime:  A cute chanted song about all their favorite Springtime foods. 
-Who:  "Who ate my lettuce leaves?"
-Waffle Day:  "Saturday is my waffle day!" A fun song about his favorite day.
-Summertime:  Kids sing along with this song shouting out all the favorite Summertime foods.
-Honey Bee:  A slow lullaby about the hive and the lazy Honey Bee.
-We Jump for Sherbet:  The kids really liked this clapping song!  You will have fun joining in too!
-Juicy Berry: A jazzy song about yummy juicy berries.  Um, can't wait for blackberry season.
-Fall:  Same as Springtime and Summertime...but you get the gist!
-Farmers' Market: Get the kids excited with this fun song about OUR favorite place to go on weekends.
-Rice and Beans:  Sometimes simple foods just go together so well.  Just like this song.
-Chase That Pig:  A pig that hunts down truffles?!  I had no idea!
-Winter:  No explanation needed :)
-Stone Soup:  Out of ingredients, why not try some Stone Soup?
-Tea Time:  Tea time at Grandma's house.  A very cute song that makes me smile.
-Through the Seasons:  What you can find at your local markets through the seasons.  Roasted goat?
-Garden Song/Inch by Inch:  What do you need to make your garden grow?  A fun song about planting and growing your own food.

I gave Orange Sherbet's Delicious a 3 out of 5 songs for some creative songs about the amazing foods you can find through local markets and growers. 


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