Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kid's App Series: Spirit of Math-A Fun New App For Math Drills

There are many times a day when I wish I was a kid again; however, when it comes time for math homework I am glad I am not!  I was always one of those kids who struggled to master my math drills, and found regular methods (such as the dreaded "drill-and-kill") so boring! Isn't it fortunate that today's kids can just pull up the iPad and download a fun App like Spirit of Math?

The Spirit of Math App is a cute new platform for your child to master such math skills as:
-Short Addition
-Integer Addition
-Short Multiplication
-Integer Multiplication
-Short Division

Most drill sections have 4 or more levels of difficulty.  I love the entire look of this App, with the notebook paper, ruler, stop watch, and pencil drawings that give a realistic school feel (see pic below).  The stopwatch in the corner is great for keeping track of how fast you master skills, while the progress charts are perfect for coursing your progress.  I like that with one iPad I can track all of my kids, and feel like this App would even be perfect in the classroom!

LoLo (age 5) is working on basic addition facts right now, and really enjoyed using this App.  He thought the graphs were fun too to see how "high" he could get, and even that was a teaching feature!

Right now (until April 1st) you can download Spirit of Math for only $1.99, 
or $2.99 until April 8th, before it goes back to the regular price of $3.99.

So if you are looking for a fun new way to spruce up your child's math drills, this App is just perfect for you.


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  1. Soon your kids will be using the iPad better than you can :-)


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