Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kid's App Series: Quick Kids-The App You Need If You Have A Snail For A Child

Do you have a snail in your house?  No, not the slimy thing that leaves a trail (though that may still be true), but a kid who moves so slow doing tasks that you just silently fume inside?  Oh I so have one of those!  Funny how when LaLa is doing something she chooses it goes so fast, but when I ask her to do a chore like clean her room she turns into a snail!  Well, then the Quick Kids App is a must-have.

Quick Kids is a FREE App that offers a timer and incentive for your child to get things done at a faster pace.  You can set up the App with a profile including your child's photo if you choose.  Then you pick the time, start the countdown (LaLa enjoyed doing that part) and watch as your child will work quickly at the task at hand to try and beat the clock.  LoLo (age 5) liked doing the App to pick up his room and loved racing back to our iPad to press the stop button before the timer went off.  Once they beat the timer they got a "sticker" added to the reward chart in the App (he thought that was pretty cool).

LaLa decided that if her brother could do it, and think it was cool, that she might just give it a try as well!  She was awfully disappointed when she "lost" the first time, but the next time around she was so happy to receive a sticker.

Check out Quick Kids today and download it for FREE!


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