Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kid's App Series: Franklin's Bumpy Buggy Race-Off

So you have a preschooler who just loves anything that races, but just isn't coordinated enough for all those racing games?  Franklin's Bumpy Buggy Race-Off is a cute App inspired from the character's of PBS' Franklin.  LoLo (age 5) really loved playing this game on the iPad, and I liked that I didn't need to help him control the cars!  The cute familiar characters came to life with bold colorful graphics, and the adorable buggies you can choose to race are fun and very little-kid appropriate.

The features of this App are simple:
-Pick a Buggy to race (character selection is chosen based upon the buggy selection)
-First track starts easy and gets slightly harder as you progress through levels (more jumps, ramps, and obstacles per level)
-Push the buggy to start the race
-Slide the up/down arrows to navigate over jumps and obstacles (no need for gas since the buggy stays at a steady speed-a plus for little ones)

Franklin's Bumpy Buggy Race-Off is the perfect racing App for ages 3-6.  It is great for both boys and girls as the characters are pretty gender neutral. 


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