Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This App's For Mommy: PressReader-Stay Up To Date On The World Around You

I find it difficult sometimes (ok, all the time) to keep myself informed of world events rather than just "my world" events!  One of the reasons for this is that I simply do not have the time (or maybe the will) to plop down and read a newspaper, watch the news, or listen to news radio. My hubby on the other hand enjoys doing these things and has turned into my "news guru" for me offering condensed accounts of his most noteworthy articles.  Quick and informative, but I was ready for something more!

PressReader is an App that allows you to get over 2,000 newspaper and magazine publications from around the world!  I downloaded it on to my iPad and found that it was super easy and QUICK to find just the articles that interested me.  I enjoyed searching through my old local papers from San Diego and seeing events that were taking place there, as well as reading some entertainment publications that I never even knew existed (No! I didn't know that about Robert Pattinson!).

Some of the best features of PressReader are that all my publications will download automatically to show the newest content, it views just like a real newspaper, and I can quickly scroll through headlines and select the ones I want to read.  I love the visual look of this App in that it does not condense the articles, but makes me feel like I am reading the real thing-minus no inky hands (hooray)!

Here are some other great features of PressReader:
  • • Its innovative horizontal reading stream (iPad only)
    • Flipping pages like they’re reading real publications
    • Setting up automated subscriptions to their favorite titles
    • Sorting publications by country, language, favorites or recently ordered
    • Panning and zooming articles and photos and view in stunning clarity
    • Listening to publications using on-demand audio
    • Sharing articles by email, Twitter and Facebook

Check out the YouTube video below to learn more about PressReader:

I am really enjoying reading PressReader to keep up to date and feel like I am helping to make myself more well-rounded.  It is a great quick way to stay grounded without the daily life of puke, poop, and pee getting you down.


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