Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift That Entertains AND Educates: Scholastic's Valentine's DVD Collection

I love getting my kids little things for Valentine's Day that not only entertain and delight them, but also educate them!  That is why I love Scholastic's Storybook Treasures DVD: The Valentine's Collection...Featuring One Zillion Valentines.

First off, the packaging is just so cute and festive on this DVD!  Plus I love the features that Scholastic offers on their Storybook Treasures that highlight the words when read aloud (this feature can also be turned off).

This super-cute Valentine's Collection DVD features:
  • One Zillion Valentines: A sweet story about spreading the love of Valentine's Day throughout the community through making homemade valentines. 
  • Goggles:  Willie the dog to the rescue to fight off the bullies from stealing Peter's goggles.
  • A Letter To Amy: Sometimes creating the perfect Valentine's card for the one you care about is easier said than done.  In this case it was easy to create, but very difficult to deliver! 
  • Will I Have A Friend:  Remember that first day of school where you were so nervous you wouldn't make any friends?  That's how Jim feels in this story...will there be a happy ending?  Watch it and see!
  • Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge:  I loved this sweet story about a little boy who helps out a woman (with possible Alzheimer's) in a convalescent home by sharing some of his most precious items to help her remember.
Share the love this Valentine's Day with an educational and entertaining gift, and make sure you check out New Kideo's Facebook page for a chance to win a free copy!


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