Monday, February 27, 2012

Kid's Music Series: Monster Suit by Mo Phillips

I need a little pick me up with all this winter gloom, and Monster Suit by Mo Phillips (release date 4/10/2012) was just what I needed!

This great new album has the right mix of kid's silly lyrics and beats that adults will like that I find I am happy to play it over and over in the car!  The first time we tested it out was at dinner time (yeah, I have to do something to get them to stop whining about what foods they don't like) and the kids just couldn't help but jump down from the table and jump around on the floor!  Poor Mr. F just had a fit that he was stuck in the highchair!

Monster Suit has a fantastic mix of dance songs, rock and roll, soft ballads, country songs, and much more.  There is bound to be a song that fits you perfectly!

Here is what you get on Monster Suit by Mo Phillips (34 minutes run time):
  • Toes:  Our favorite song on the album!  You will not be able to stay in your seat either when you hear this one.
  • The Worst Party Ever Thrown:  Anything that can go wrong with a party, went wrong in this song!  Funny scenarios that paint vivid (and extremely unusual) images in my mind!
  • The Princess And The Cowboy:  This one goes out to you Cash.  Sometimes it is just fun to be a boy and dress up as a pink princess, or a girl and dress up as a cowboy.  The sweet message is that "it doesn't matter what you do, just how you do it...with love right from the start."
  • Hot Lava:  LoLo (5) and LaLa (4) thought this song was tons of fun as they played along pretending that the floor was hot lava.
  • Droolin':  Love this cute song about a 1 year old who puts everything into his mouth!  Had me smiling as I could totally relate.
  • Big Red Truck:  Every boy's favorite song with rocking lyrics about trucks.  I loved the fast tempo and fiddle.
  • Rollerskate Banana Peel:  Rollerskates and banana peels, bacon and cookies?  A silly song that my kids just ate up.
  • All Okay: A kiss will make everything 'all okay.'  Such a cute song...and a message about feelings that any parent will enjoy.
  • Bed Head:  Omph, you got a bad case of bed head?  Does it look like spaghetti on your head?  If so, you will connect with this song!
  • To The Zoo:  "We can go watch the bears dance around in their underwear!"  That line had my kids rolling on the floor laughing like little hyenas! Ah, to be a kid again.
  • Ducks Don't Get Wet:  A fun song for preschoolers with a little bit of a science lesson about duck's feathers.
  • Suction Cup:  A little brother dancing in the kitchen with a plunger?  Yuck, I just gagged a little!  The kids of course thought it was hysterical...Mr. Phillips if you gave them an idea for a new game I am not going to be a happy camper :)
  • Twirlin': Sometimes it is just fun to twirl and twirl and twirl, and this song is the perfect one to dance along to.
  • Monster Suit:  What fun will you have in your monster suit?  A short song about the joys of being a kid.
I give Monster Suit by Mo Phillips a 4 out of 5 stars for its cute mix of songs that will appeal to kids and adults alike!


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