Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kid's Music Series: High Dive by Bill Harley Review

 High Dive: and other things that could have happened by Bill Harley (release date 2/14/2012) is a cute album with wonderful stories that will make you reminisce about all the trials and tribulations of childhood.  The simplicity of the instrumentation, along with the great storyteller vocals, really make the hysterical lyrics come to life!

Here is what you get on the album (don't be fooled by the 7 tracks, you still get over an hour of funny stories):
  • It Could Have Happened:  This is exactly what is happening in my house every day!  You know, where a little one tells you the most outrages lies about what happened to the cupcakes, how the dog ate Mommy's pants, and where that odd stain came from (ok, so those are my examples, but the story depicts some crazy ones you will have to hear for yourself).  
  • High Dive: The funny 'somewhat-true' story about a little boy who wanted to impress a pretty lifeguard by attempting the high dive.  Oh my, you can just feel the butterflies!
  • Interlude
  • Field Trip:  We all know that kid who your child LOVES to play with, but you say "he is a nice boy, but..."  This story is all about playing with that little friend who knows how to create chaos out of the simplest activities.
  • Interlude
  • Monster Valentine: Ah, the age old dilemma about which are the best Valentine's Day cards to give, and who to give them to.  This story takes a disastrous twist that leaves one recipient in tears!  The emotional turmoil heard by Harley's narration has you wanting to reach out and hug the poor child.  Luckily, friendship prevails and all wrongs are righted in the end.  A great lessons for kids and adults alike.

High Dive by Bill Harley gets a 4 out of 5 for its hysterical stories that truly capture what it is like to be a kid.


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