Monday, February 6, 2012

Kid's Music Series: The Hero In You by Ellis Paul Review and GIVEAWAY

The Hero In You by Ellis Paul is an inspirational CD for families that celebrates individuals who made amazing things happen.  The unique lyrics and the wonderful vocals and instrumentation remind me of a cross between Neil Diamond and John Denver!  History lessons have never been so exciting!

I love that each song has a fun lesson about some of the most important people history.  The Hero In You by Ellis Paul is a must-have album for teachers and families alike, with such songs as:
  • -The Hero In You:   I LOVE this song! Truly an uplifting song that celebrates individuality and promotes self confidence.  Great beat and fun lyrics!
  • -Nellie Bly:  A song about a woman who fought for women's rights to vote, rights for mental patients, and for equality for all.  Truly a motivating song with important lessons built in.
  • -Augustus Jackson:  Yum, a song about ice cream! I'm in.  And I even learned a thing about the creator of the ice cream machine.
  • -Woody Guthrie, Working Man: Another one of my favorite songs on this album.  The harmonica had the kid's yelling and clapping in the backseat and me bouncing along to a great song about a train jumping, freedom fighter, musician, entertainer, and artist!
  • -Chief Joseph:  The Native American vibe of this song with the flute and tone of the lyrics had me daydreaming about a man who fought to keep his land from the white man.
  • -Rachel Carson:  A calm relaxing song about a woman who fought to "give a voice to the science of the trees" through conservation of our natural resources.
  • -Jackie Robinson:  So you probably already know who Jackie Robinson was, but this song really helps to paint a visual of just what a remarkable man he was.  Fun to hear the game announcements embedded in the song.
  • -Albert Einstein:  This song shows how much more fun it can be to learn about history through song rather than reading a textbook. 
  • -Rosa Parks:  This song screams old barbershop quartet that really brought the feel of Montgomery, Alabama and Rosa Park's story to life.  Fab-u-lous!
  • -Ben Franklin:  "Oh Ben Franklin, I think we should thank him, as the world's most industrious guy!"  That line paints the picture for this great song.
  • -Mr. Tee Tot:  Love this slow, silly song about a man and a fighting catfish.  Don't ask...just listen! You will love it to.
  • -Thomas Edison:  The lyrics had me sucked into the introduction before I even realized there was no music!  A visual of Edison and his achievements will come to life for you as well.
  • -Martha Graham:  I could here the music box in the background in this story about Martha Graham, the dancer, and the development of her career and dance school.
  • -Georgia O'Keeffe: A wonderful way to close the album with an acoustic guitar song about this insightful artist.
I give The Hero In You by Ellis Paul a 5 out of 5 for presenting fantastic history lessons through songs that are not only entertaining but educational as well.  As a former teacher, I can appreciate a CD that can teach, yet still is vocally unique and wonderful to listen to.  A MUST-HAVE for teachers and families alike!
GIVEAWAY:  Enter now to win a free copy of The Hero In You simply by completing the mandatory entry in BOLD.  All other optional entries are another chance to win!

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