Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kid's App Series: Kid's 1st Shape Puzzles-Help Your Little One Build Vocabulary

There are so many Apps out there that are designed to teach your child to read, but not too many that help pre-readers learn much need vocabulary.  I find that I am always pointing out different objects to my 21 month old to help build his vocabulary, but sometimes it is not too much fun listening to Mommy.  Kid's 1st Shape Puzzles is a simple App that will entertain your child while learning much needed words.

This App is a simple puzzle-based game that works by having your child slide pieces into the coordinating puzzle shapes.  Once the object is placed correctly, the picture is read aloud (in English or Hebrew), and in many cases has a sound to match it. 

I really enjoyed that I could pick from some of the following categories:
·         Colors
·         Shapes
·         Hebrew & English alphabet
·         Animals-animal shapes made sounds when you placed them
·         Vehicles
·         Fruits & vegetables
·         Emotions
·         Musical instrument- this one had sounds to accompany the images
·         and more
At under $2 to download, Kid's 1st Shape Puzzles is a great way to help your little one (ages 18 months and up), or even an older child with developmental delays, learn new vocabulary.


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