Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kid's App Series: Grimm's Red Riding Hood 3-D Pop Up Book by Ideal Binary

In our house we just LOVE pop-up books, especially those by Robert Sabuda, so when I was asked to test out a new Interactive Pop-Up book App for our iPad I was very excited! 

Ideal Binary, Ltd. has created a series of children's Apps that allow them to listen to the story being read while interacting with the characters.  I tested out the Grimm's Red Riding Hood 3D Interactive Pop-Up book (which is currently free) and we just fell in love with the features!

Here is what I like best about this App:
-The story is read well by the narrator and is engaging, unlike some Apps that use poor voice-overs
-The words in this book appear in a vintage looking book in font that goes with the story (I do wish however that words were highlighted once read to promote one-to-one correspondence)
-There are pop-up features on various pages in which your child must complete a task (pack Red's basket, make flowers grow to find the trail, etc.).  These activities were perfect for young kids!
-The pop up pages can be rotated with the swipe of your finger to show you all angles enhancing the 3D appearance!  Fantastic feature that reminded me of the beginning of the movie Hoodwinked!
-The characters and animations are very preschooler friendly, but would also appeal to older kids

Overall, the Grimm's Red Riding Hood 3-D Interactive Pop-Up Book by Ideal Binary, Ltd. is one of our current favorites around the house!  The stories are sure to engage even young children, while the interactive features will keep them busy.

Red Riding Hood is currently free so get it while you can!  Also, make sure to check out other Ideal Binary, Ltd. Apps on iTunes, and stay tuned for most posts from this author.


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