Saturday, January 28, 2012

TouchyBooks Review: The Red Shoes

Doesn't every little girl dream of red dancing shoes?  Ok, maybe it is just the ones in this house...yes, that includes me!  TouchyBooks' The Red Shoes is a cute story about a little orphaned girl (Karen) who was taken in my an old woman in her small town. The woman bought Karen new clothes, and even let her go to the store to pick out her first pair of shoes, which to her dismay were red platform dancing shoes.

The old woman told Karen to return them at once and pick out something practical, but Karen refused and wore them day and night in jubilation without feeling an ounce of remorse.  Little did Karen know that the day she met a beggar on the street he would teach her a valuable lesson about remorse.  The simple touch of a finger sent Karen's red shoes into a 24 hour dancing frenzy which at first proved exhilarating, then exhausting, then disastrous!  Karen begged the man to undo the spell or cut off her feet, and as he lifted the axe to do the very deed the spell was broken. Karen returned the shoes the next day and bought a very practical pair of flats, and understood the feeling of remorse.

My favorite part of The Red Shoes by TouchyBooks is the amazing illustrations.  I like these better than any other TouchyBook in that they are truly a work of art.  The pictures remind me of a child's interpretation of the story through watercolors and abstract spaces, and the characters movements are more like scenes in a flip-book (which I found very refreshing).  This TouchyBook is a must-have!


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