Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Toys for 2012 Series: Nintendo 3DS

So I was a little (ok, a lot) reluctant to buy our 4.5 year old a gaming system this year for Christmas, but when I looked into what was out there in the lower price range category I found a great product that is fantastic for him!  The Nintendo 3DS is what we chose after a lot of looking around and comparing products, and here is why...

LoLo recently had an interest in playing games on his Fisher Price iXL (see my prior post), but the games and activities were a little too simple for him (I feel it is meant for ages 3-5).

We decided to go with a gaming system that was:
  • portable
  • decent battery life (about 2 hours, can be recharged in car)
  • small enough for him to hold and control with little fingers
  • large screen with clear graphics
  • fun, highly-rated games (we checked games on Amazon)
  • compatible with old AND new games
We chose the Nintendo 3DS because it fit in all these categories.  While in our house we really HATE 3D features on games, videos, TVs, extra, we were happy to learn that you can play with this feature turned off and save a lot of battery life.  The reason we picked the 3DS as apposed to the DS Lite of DS was the fact that most of the new games are made in the 3DS software and the other systems are not able to play them.  Also, the 3DS is backwards compatible and therefore plays some old DS games that you can find on Amazon (and Big Lots) for around $12!

LoLo picked up the rules and movements really easily and loves playing his Nintendo 3DS with his headphones on.  His particularly favorite games (which I feel are appropriate for his age) are Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing, Super Mario Kart 7, Lego Star Wars.

I highly recommend the Nintendo 3DS for ages 5 and up with good fine motor skills and the ability to either read simple rules to learn (or follow rules easily when read by you).


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