Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Toys for 2012 Series: Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set

Boys will be boys, and boys love cars!  That is why one of our favorite toys in the house right now is the Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set.  LoLo (almost 5) loves playing with this track set and the best part is that it restarts itself continuously for lots of car action.

The Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set does not come assembled, but due to its easy ABC labelling it took me about 15 minutes to put together.  The track comes with one car which tends to be the best one for racing continuously on this set (other Hot Wheels cars might be too heavy and fall of the track).  You will also need 4D batteries that DO NOT come with it, so make sure to stock up.

The action begins when you put a car on the launch pad at the top of the tower.  You can adjust the drop height, though it works from any height or angle.  The unique part of this track is that when you drop the car it goes into the flame funnel which puts the car into the rotating tube.  The tube makes sure that your car leaves wheels down before it is shot out into the loops.  Once completing both loops, it is shot up the other ramp to hit the flame ring at the top.  If it makes it through the ring it will release another car off the platform or if it hits the side will just bounce back into the funnel and repeat the entire circuit again.  I was a little leery about the car being able to complete the circuit each time; however, if you use a good lightweight car (such as the one that comes with the set) you will not have any problem.

The kids really love this toy and it has even held up to the dogs playing WWF on top of it!  We highly recommend this toy for any boys who love cars...isn't that all of them?!


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