Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Toys for 2012 Series: Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Stand And Play Rampway

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to gift shop for a child under 3?! Well, this is my dilemma every single year it seems (with 3 kids under 5).  Mr. F is 19 months now, and is very active (which is truly an understatement since he is as coordinated at couch flipping as LoLo age 4).  So this year for Christmas I decided to get Mr. F gifts that he would like now, that the older kids could play with too, and that will grow with him.

One of our new favorite Top Toys of 2012 is the Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand And Play Rampway.

This toy is easy to assemble with snap-on ramps, balconies, and car elevators; however, our directions did not match the parts and we just had to wing-it!  It was up and ready in about 15 minutes and I love the design.  The two ramps start at the top level with arrows and wind outside, inside, and around the structure.  The cars can travel on either pathway without overlapping and even race to the finish.  The Rampway track is meant for Little People Wheelies cars, but also works well with MatchBox cars or other small vehicles.  This toy does require batteries which are not included (so make sure you pick up a few), though the only sound effects are on one button at the base which the cars pass over to make noises, and a small light that goes on.  I do wish there were more lights and sounds (with an on/off switch) with this toy, but it is still on our Top Toy List for 2012.

I also love the built in carrying handle and the price (under $40).  This will be a toy that the kids play with for a very long time!

PS- be aware that if you order from that the "frustration-free" packaging doesn't seem to mean much since it is still disassembled! I guess it just means you get the ugly brown box instead of one with a product image :(

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  1. Yeah, that "frustration-free packaging" should be renamed to "less frustration packaging", LOL!


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