Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top Toys for 2012 Series: Bazoongi 48 Inch Trampoline

What did I get my kids this Christmas to encourage them to stop jumping on the couches?  Yup, a trampoline.  My husband and I decided that it might help our kids get out some crazies if we allowed them to jump on something other than furniture, so when we looked around for trampolines that were safe, kid-friendly, and small enough for inside, we found the choices were pretty limited, but one stood out above the rest: The Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer, and here is why...
We decided on purchasing the Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer, which is now a kid and parent favorite in our house, and here is why:
  •  Great price at around $100
  • Superior construction all around, except for the foam cover on the handle bars (which can easily be replaced)
  • The springs are completely covered, unlike many other brands of kid's trampolines (seriously? can you say dangerous?!)
  • There is a foam covered bar that Mr. F can even reach to hold on to as he jumps (this makes it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to control their jumps)
  • This trampoline has 6 legs instead of 3 or 4 (like the other popular trampolines on Amazon) which makes it MUCH MORE STABLE.  This was a huge plus for this product!
  • The spring cover stays tight in place and is slightly padded
  • The trampoline has a large enough diameter that the kids can jump without having perfect coordination upon landing, or can jump with a friend (though I don't recommend it)
Be aware that when purchasing from Amazon that you might not get the exact color shown.  We ordered the one above which shows solid blue, and it came with a blue cover with frogs on it.  Cute, but not what the image portrayed.

The Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer is a Top Toy for 2012 pick and will continue to be a hit in out house for years to come!


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