Thursday, January 5, 2012

SnoozeShade Review: The MUST-HAVE Baby Item!

I don't say this often, but SnoozeShade is one of those items that I am kicking myself I didn't have back when my kids were infants!  I was one of those Mommies who always had the blanket tucked around the infant carrier to block out the sun while baby was sleeping, and more importantly to keep strangers from man-handling my baby.  Really?  I never did understand strangers who thought it was ok to put their germy hands all over my baby's face, or worse to ask to hold him! "No, you may not because I don't know you!"

Ok, enough of my ranting.  SnoozeShade is the perfect item for taking you little one out in public and protecting him from sun exposure (UPF 50), light, and "stranger-danger."  So, why have you not heard of it?  Probably because it is a UK based company that is gaining high merits and awards all over Europe, but has yet to gain tons of popularity in the US-but watch out, it will soon!

Here is what we love about SnoozeShade:
-It comes in many different models that will fit your: infant carrier, stroller or jogger, twin stroller or jogger, or cot
-It blocks out light to allow your baby to sleep in a very dark space (I was surprised when I stuck my head inside just how dark it was with full sun outside)
-It has great air flow through the "mesh" : The double layer of mesh has holes that allow for great ventilation throughout
-The elastic straps allow it to easily attach to your stroller and will fit most models (The Original Snooze Shade fit great on our Bugaboo when the Canopy was extended, and fit also on our umbrella stroller)
-I love the bright green elastics that make them easy to find
-The Snooze Shade comes with a front zipper so that you can easily check on your baby while sleeping

If there is one thing you need to get for your new little one (or your friend's baby shower), this product is it!  It is so much better than the hand-made fabric covers I have seen, or the blanket over the handle design in which neither blocks our light while providing ventilation and sun protection.


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