Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NOVICA: You Don't Need To Travel The World To Find Amazing Gifts

NOVICA is an online shopping store brought to you by National Geographic, that features amazing items from jewelry, furniture, to unique gifts from countries around the world!  Just like the amazing shows and resources National Geographic offers, this store is sure to impress even the most travelled shoppers.

I got a great opportunity to explore this online store and shop for some amazing products.  I have to say that I spent hours looking through the unique finds and found that it was extremely hard to choose just a few!  I especially loved the set-up of the site with a creative biography (and photo) of the artisan who created the product, as well as a geographical description of where the item came from. 

The site had some unique search categories that I found fun, such as: searching for items based upon location of origin, material composition, and type of item (to name a few). 

My favorite areas to explore were the Silver Pendant Necklaces in the Jewelry section (after all, I am a girl) and the Unique Gifts section.  I also loved the Amethyst Dangle Earrings, and the jewelry items from Thailand with woven beads and thread, as well as the hand-blown vases made in Brazil (see pic above).  The leather wristbands from Bali and Java even had me thinking "Hmm, Valentine's Gift for the hubby?" (what do you think?)

NOVICA is the perfect store to shop for yourself, your hubby, or in my case "the hard to buy for Mother."  I wanted to see so many of the pieces live and in person that I found I really loved the idea of NOVICA Live, which offers you the chance to host parties featuring NOVICA items and receive a portion of the money you make to shop for yourself. 

Here is more information from the NOVICA Live website:

Introducing NOVICA Live - our new Home Party Division
"We’re excited to announce the launch of NOVICA Live, our new gifts and jewelry home party division. Over the years, our customers have told us that they would love to see our products live and in person. For this reason, we launched our new party plan division giving Consultants the opportunity to do just that -- showcase beautiful gifts and jewelry through home parties in an entertaining way, while supporting artisans worldwide. If you're interested in hosting a party, please visit our Home Party Opportunities page or if home based selling is of interest, then view our Home Party Consultant page. Thank you!"

*Sign up today for NOVICA Live, or just shop NOVICA, and be sure to mention Mom's Life Made Easy.com.

Remember to use the coupon code SAVE7NOVICA 
today for $7 off for new customers!


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  1. I didn't know about this site until you blogged about it. Thanks - it's great!

    Nancy Clark
    CEO WomensMedia.com


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