Monday, January 23, 2012

Kid's Music Series: Nature Jams by Farmer Jason

Farmer Jason will take you on a crazy outdoor adventure in his newest release Nature Jams (release date February 7, 2012).  This CD features great guest musicians from R.E.M., The Black Crowes, and Cheap Trick (to name only a few).  Nature Jams is an album that is geared towards getting your little ones more excited about the great outdoors while learning some great facts along the way.

The playlist for Nature Jams is tons of fun with silly songs like Can You Canoe, Well Oh Whale, and The Moose Lives Where.

1.    Nature Jams-Quick little intro
2.    Can You Canoe  (with Alison Brown)-The kids loved "trying" to sing along with this fun tongue-twister of a song.
3.    Take a Hike  (with Mike Mills of R.E.M.)-"Let's take a stroll, let's rock and roll!"  The song will be sure to get you invigorated about going on a hike.
4.    Well Oh Whale  (with The Saw Doctors)-LoLo and LaLa sure thought the Irish accents of The Saw Doctors were silly, as was the song!
5.    Meadowlark in Central Park (with Suzy Bogguss)-A nice relaxing duet that had my kids gazing out the car windows in silent speculation.  What a miracle...hence, my favorite song :)
6.    Bayou Boogie (with Terrance Simien)-Your kids will learn all about what a Bayou is with this educational Zydeco jam.
7.    Prairie Riddles (with Iris Dement)-The kids really enjoyed trying to figure out the riddles in this song all about Prairie animals.
8.    Buffalo or Bison (by Webb Wilder)-Is it a Buffalo or Bison?  What is the difference you might ask...well, listen up to this poem and you will finally understand the answer!
9.    Dison the Bison (with Webb Wilder and Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes)-This song reminds me of an English bar song about a crazy Bison named Dison.  A fun upbeat song that will have you cheering "Dison The Bison!"
10.   Spelunker (with Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick and Ruthie Foster)-Spelunker?  Well, the word itself just had the kids giggling and repeating, while the song had them rocking along and shouting it to the rooftops!
11.   The Glacier (with Jason and the Scorchers)-Your kids will learn all about glaciers with this little diddy.
12.   Manatee (with Hank Williams III and Tommy Ramone)-A country hoe-down about a Manatee?  Well, why not!  You might even learn a thing or two about them.
13.   No Place Like the Woods (by Victor Wooten and the Wooten Kids)-Channeling Barry White?!  Mr. Wooten had the kids hooked from the second he started singing about the woods and the fun you can have exploring them.
14.   The Moose Lives Where? (with Todd Snider and Jo Nesbø )-What a funny intro!  The song itself was a funny "mess" with a little lesson about Moose as well.
15.   Have You Ever (with Brandi Carlile)-An upbeat Country song about taking time to walk and appreciate nature in the woods.
16.   Skating Along (with Kristi Rose, Addie and Camille Ringenberg)-This song just makes me want to bounce up and down in my seat.  The kids enjoyed this upbeat song, and the counting to 5 had them chanting along.

Nature Jams comes in a great Gift Pack which includes the 16-song CD, 3 music videos, and a colorful 20-page booklet.  Farmer Jason can also be seen on MyKazooTV which is a great new channel for kids with great videos, shows and activities.  Check it out today at  And be sure to visit for more information a great musical releases, such as Nature Jams by Farmer Jason.
I give Nature Jams by Farmer Jason a 4 out of 5 for its silly songs with educational lessons about Nature.


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