Monday, January 30, 2012

Kid's App Series: Sarah The Little Fairy-Grandma Gets Lost (Teaching Alzheimer's To Kids)

It is never an easy task to teach life lessons to kids, but even harder when you have to teach them about bad ones: like when Grandma develops Alzheimer's Disease.  Sarah The Little Fairy: Grandma Gets Lost App by Sanoen is an App about a little girl who learns first-hand what this terrible disease is when Grandma comes to live with the family. 

It is a nice sweet story about Sarah and how she decides to take an active part in helping Grandma with her memory.  She visits the doctor who explains that she can help Grandma by holding up everyday objects and going over their names and what they do.  Sarah works with Grandma every morning, until one day she notices she isn't in her room.  After looking all over for her, Sarah consults her magical fairy doll Mina for help. 

Mina explains what goes on in Grandma's brain with her disease and her neurons, and this gives Sarah an idea about where to find her!  Sure enough Grandma was found outside her childhood home safe and sound.

Sarah The Little Fairy: Grandma Gets Lost is a good book for teaching kids ages 3-12 about Alzheimer's Disease.  My kids enjoyed the story and the limited interactive features.  I liked the narrative and the visual representation of the neurons that made it easier for kids to understand more about this disease.


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