Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kid's App Series: Hello Kitty Interactive Cookbook

With such great Apps for cooking these days why would anyone buy a cooking book?  This is what I was thinking as I was stuck in the house this week with 3 kids who had just gotten over the flu!  So, we stayed in our jammies, got out the iPad, and went into the kitchen to test out our newest App: Hello Kitty Interactive Cookbook by Castle Builders.

This cute Hello Kitty themed cookbook is perfect for ages 5 and up with tons of fun interactive features.  LaLa (almost 4) had a great time watching all the videos for the recipes before she chose which one to do.  I liked that the videos and recipes were REALLY short with only about 3-4 ingredients and steps!  The older woman and boy and girl in the video works well so it appeals to both sexes.

The recipes range from snacks, main dishes and desserts and with limited steps to complete the process.  We made pink marshmallow treats that the kids just loved and enjoyed having the recipe read aloud to us.  Much like other Castle Builder's Cookbooks (such as Kung Fu Panda 2 Cookbook) there are features for: videos, bookmarker, timer, notes, calculator, email/sharing, and read-aloud.

The Hello Kitty Interactive Cookbook by Castle Builders is a fun way to spend those days stuck inside with your little ones.



  1. Hello Kitty Cookbook demo:


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