Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Coolest Kid's Helmet They Will BEG To Wear!

For Christmas this year I wanted to give a few practical gifts that the kids would not think were "lame!"  This Raskullz Hawk Helmet was the perfect thing for LoLo.

When the helmet arrived, I was very impressed with the quality of the exterior.  The rubber spikes that make up the Mohawk are rubbery enough to hold up to spill, but strong enough to always stay in place.  The interior is the same foam padding you will find in most kid's helmets, but seems to fit LoLo's head a little better.  I went with the ages 5 and up size (he is almost 5) and was happy with the fit for his head (he is in the 75% for head circumference).

The Raskullz Hawk Helmet is a little hard to find on Amazon due to the overwhelming popularity at Christmas time, as well as a plug from O Magazine, but check out the site for more information on where to purchase.

I also got the Unicorn Helmet from Raskullz for LaLa and like it as well; however, it seems to be a little top-heavy due to the large horn.


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