Friday, December 9, 2011

My Monster Burrufu: The Book That Makes Me Want A Monster As My BFF

Nighttime reading rituals in our house have gotten a little boring...I mean how many times does she want me to read that princess book over and over?!  Ugh!  So I was excited to learn that a new chapter book by Alberto Corral (an acclaimed Dreamworks Animator) was about to released called My Monster Burrufu, and it was just what we needed!  I know that my kids are only 4 and 3, but I think that if they can sit still long enough to appreciate a few chapters a night, that longer books can be a great experience to help them use their imagination.

My Monster Burrufu is a cute story perfect for ages 8 and up (or read aloud to younger children) that brings to life the adventures of a spunky little girl named Olivia as she moves to a new home.  Olivia's character just cracks me up and reminds me a lot of Boo from Monsters Inc. with her silly antics and "hard to scare" persona.  The tale takes you through the unlikely friendship of a wannabe-scary monster name Burrufu whose strange addiction to cookies leads him to a run-in with Olivia.  Their journey together is about learning that many fears are irrational, defeating a curse, and learning to love again.

LoLo and LaLa really enjoyed this story and thought that Burrufu's moodiness was very hysterical.  We stuck with about a chapter a night and it was great to have LoLo recap what was read the night before (a great way to boost retelling skills).  All in all, the story was cute, funny, and sweet, but did tend to have a slower plot line that would be more suitable for an older child (8 and up as recommended by the publisher).

My Monster Burrufu would be a great addition to your child's stocking this year, and is available in paperback or for your Kindle.


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