Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kid's App Series: JumpStart Preschool Magic Of Learning

We get to review a lot of great Apps around here, and the ones that appeal to me most as a mom and teacher are the educational ones.  That's why one of our favorite Apps to play right now is JumpStart Preschool Magic Of Learning

LaLa (age 3.5) loves playing this App, and the fact that she can manipulate it by herself is a big plus (especially since she is at that age where there is no help from Mommy allowed).  The games are led by Magician Frankie The Dog whose top hats hold magic cards.  Your child selects the card for the game they want to play and then the learning activity starts. 

The games contains basic math skills, pre-reading skills, letter recognition, and more.  For the low price of $2.99 I felt that this App is worth every penny, and one that she sits down to play for a long time.


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