Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kid's App Series: Christmas Song Machine

I love holiday music, and now that my kids are old enough to really get into the spirit with me it is time for them to learn the words.  I loved exploring the new Christmas Song Machine App that has really darling graphics with bright colors and cute faces.  The App launches at Santa's toy factory where you decide which toy the elves will be making.  The toy you pick starts a sing-a-long with one of your favorite Christmas songs. 

The kids really enjoyed choosing the song and the interactive features unique to each selection.  The words are easy for kids to sing along to with the graphics displayed in short phrases on the screen, and I found the selection of songs to be some of the most popular ones (Jingle Bells, Silent Night, etc.)

Christmas Song Machine is a fun App that is perfect for ages 3-5, though my 18 month old loved the "mooh-ick" as much as the older kids!


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