Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kid's App Series: Candy Cane Jane Video

If you have been following MLME, you must know that we are huge fans of The Laurie Berkner Band in this house, so it was no surprise that we were really excited to check out the new Candy Cane Jane Video available in iTunes!

This song has always been a favorite of ours and it was just so fun to watch Candy Cane Jane, GumDrop Joe, and the horse with the candy cane mane come to life!  The kids really loved clapping along to the song and seeing how many candy canes they could spot in the video (hooray, math!).  I loved the adorable mane on the horse that moved with its movements to look like the candy canes were blowing in the wind, and the kids loved the candy cane hair on the Gingerbread people.

The Candy Cane Jane video is super-uuber-cute and perfect to get your little one in the holiday spirit.  I would recommend it for ages 2-5, with a big thumbs up from my 18 month old who promptly said "mow" (meaning more) as soon as it ended.
So Laurie Berkner, if you are reading this...what is next (we are dying to know!)?  :)

Check out the Trailer for Candy Cane Jane below:


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