Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 Top Picks: Yamodo Themes-Perfect For Those Long Car Rides To Grandma's House

I remember being in third grade and my teacher doing an activity in which we passed around a piece of paper and each person added a sentence or two to create a really hilarious story.  Yamodo Theme Packs take this idea to a whole new level with spiral notebooks (each in a various theme) where each page has a made up word and the beginning of a drawing.  The players each take a turn to create to the definition of the word and to add to the drawing.

Yamodo Theme Packs are the perfect activity for ages 9 and up, and would be great for a long car ride to Grandma's house this holiday season.  I love that the activity can get everyone involved to create something that uses the imagination while incorporating proper grammar and syntax skills.  They would also be great stocking stuffers for older kids.


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