Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas 2011 Top Picks: Perplexus-The Game That Works Your Brain!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this toy game puzzle...whatever it is!  There is not very often a toy that I say I want to play with over and over, as well as my kids wanting to play with it all the time, but Perplexus is it!  I tend to like any toy that has an educational component, but often times my kids find them a little boring, so it was nice to find one that works your brain muscles that is very enjoyable.

Perplexus is a marble maze game within a clear sphere that has you twisting and turning through ramps, stairs, and tunnels (to name a few features) to try to make it to the end.  I thought for sure that it would be WAY to hard for LoLo (age 4.5) to try, but I found that he really enjoys playing it (not to mention he was the first to solve he found a shortcut, I will never know!).

Perplexus comes in a few varieties:
-Rookie (this is the one seen below that we tested, ages 5 and up I would say)
-Epic (seriously advanced for adults)

This is one of those games that is perfect to get for the person who has everything!  I ordered one for my father and my brother who both enjoy doing puzzles such as Sudoku and Crosswords, plus they just look so cool to put on your desk to entertain co-workers! 

Perplexus is our current TOP TOY PICK for Christmas 2011!


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