Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas 2011 Top Pick: Petite Feet DVD with Discount Code

Tis the season to dance around the tree...well, in our house we are always dancing!  We just can't help ourselves, and it is time to teach these kids some moves other than Mommy's pathetic Running Man and The Sprinkler (please, don't judge me). Thank goodness Petite Feet DVD came along at just the right time!

Petite Feet: Ballet Adventures With Liz! DVD is the perfect stocking stuffer for any child who loves to dance! It is geared towards ages 3-6, with its cute songs, simple easy-to-follow moves, and fun character (is he a walrus, a boar...either way he is still cute)!

We had the best time "testing" out this video, and here is what we LOVE about it:
  • The 26 minute length is perfect for a preschooler's attention span
  • The video features actual kids along with the kid-friendly instructor
  • The dance moves are great for boys as well as girls (LoLo liked this video as much as LaLa did)
  • The steps are easy to do, even if you have never taken a ballet class
  • The instructor uses "real" ballet terms and explains what they mean: adagio, plie, jete, etc.
  • The set adds to the "cuteness factor" without detracting from the dancers
  • The songs are fun and easy to sing along to
So this Christmas why not stuff your child's stocking with something that will get them up and burning calories, rather than something that will put them on!  Hmmm...maybe Mommy needs to do the DVD with them (yes, I had too much fun at Thanksgiving)!

Check out the trailer of Petite Feet and we know you will be hooked:

Petite Feet Trailer - A Ballet and Dance Video for Kids Ages 2-5 from Petite Feet on Vimeo.


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