Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mommassentials Box Set by Funktion Review and Discount Code: A Luxurious Gift Every Mommy Will Love

I am one of those moms who looks at my diaper bag as an accessory for me rather than for baby.  And, why not? After all, I am the one lugging that thing around all the time, and it should reflect my style, right? 

This is exactly what led Ashley (the creator of Funktion) to make a line of accessories for Mom, but that meet baby's needs.  The line of "momassentials" is just perfect for you to throw in your own oversized handbag, or to add to your diaper bag.  The designs are fun, funky, and trendy in the way I WANT my accessories to be...rather than the cutesy c*#p covering so many baby items these days.  Genius!
The first thing I noticed about the complete Box Set of Mommassentials was the amazing design of the packaging! This would make a perfect baby gift for your best friend (either that, or you would then be deemed best friend just for giving it)!


Check out the cute box (which is very high quality), the great font of the lettering, and the layout of the products! I especially LOVE the way the inside of the box is labeled with compartments for each piece, and a few phrases that describe the item.  For example, the changing pad is labeled "the cutest way to handle crappy situations!"  Seriously, I thought it was hilarious!

Now, on to the designs and what you get in the boxed set (each piece is also available individually):
  • Changing Pad: I liked the pouch on the front of the changing pad that held the wipe case perfectly.  The pad is large enough to change toddlers easily, and has a great wipeable surface that does not leave streaks and is easy to clean.
  • Wipe Case: The wipe case comes inside the changing pad and is the same nylon blue with fantastic ruby red piping.  I love that you can store a lot of wipes in it, and then just unzip the front and remove them one at a time...without having to take them out of the original packaging! Hooray, that means they actually stay wet!
  • Bottle Holder:  3 syllables...Ah-Door-Ah-Bull!  Yes, say it again now! I just love the bright shiny red vinyl with the blue piping and tassel.  The ease of the clasp at the handle makes it fit right on any stroller or bag (a feature many bottle holders do not have).  I like that I can use it to hold my water bottle, or baby's bottle-depending on which child I take out.
  • Clutch:  Something about this clutch says "trendy" and I am loving it! The fabric is the same deep blue as the other Funktion items, yet the quilted look, and silver hardware make it perfect for a night out or a day at the park with baby.  The clasp on the handle means I can put my stuff on it and attach it to the stroller bar while I walk.
  • Paci-Purse:  Well, Mr. F has never been a paci-baby, but who cares-this paci purse is for me not him! I love to put my lipsticks and a small mirror inside and attach it to my handbag or diaper bag.  Also, works great for a chewy for all those droolers teethers out there!
  • Cosmetic Case:  Perfect size!  Not too big, not too small, ah just right for my diaper bag! I like to keep a few bandaids and first aid items and diaper cream in it just in case, and love that I don't have to see them!
  • Grab Bag:  Must, must, must-have item!  Are you potty training? You have to have this! Do you have a messy preschooler?  You have to have this!  I love the size of the Grab Bag which is perfect to fold up and stuff in your diaper bag.  The liner inside keeps anything wet from leaking through, and the super-strong drawstring means it will not spill open.
You know it has to take a Mom to create something that other moms will just love, and Funktion is a company that hit the nail on the head! The designs are perfect for ME, while still suiting baby's needs, and the look is just the right mix of modern and funky. 

Shop today at and get 25% off your order, just for MLME followers.  Simply enter the promo code momslifemadeeasy at checkout and enjoy!


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