Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Tumble Bee by Laura Veirs

Tumble Bee by Laura Veirs is a folksy mix of historical children's lullabies with vocals that remind me a lot of Natalie Merchant.   This album is perfect to add to your kid's music library because you are not likely to have anything similar.  The fun lyrics of Veirs' upbeat songs will have your kids dancing and singing along, while the slower tempo lullabies will help calm them back down!

Here is what you get on the album:
  • Little Lap-Dog Lullaby:  This song is the one that reminds me of Natalie Merchant's voice! I like the folksy vibe and the cute lyrics that remind me of our Yorkie.
  • Praire Lullaby:  The old school country lullaby vibe of this song was very soothing and relaxing.  The kids liked the part where Veirs yodels!
  • Jack Can I Ride?:  A fun upbeat piano duet that had the kids bouncing on their bottoms.  I liked the easy lyrics that the kids could easily sing along to.
  • Tumblebee:  This one is a favorite of LaLa's.  The cute lyrics about "tumble, tumble, into my arms" along with the bee sounds had us all buzzing along.
  • King Kong Kitchie Ki Me O:  A super-silly song that caught LoLo's attention as soon as it said "a sword and a pistol by his side!"  This one is sure to be a hit with any boy (but we all did love the lyrics too)!
  • All The Pretty Little Horses:  The classic lullaby retold in a sweet duet that LaLa really enjoyed. 
  • The Fox:  The kids were so happy to hear this familiar song! The fun banjo beat and easy to repeat lyrics had them singing along in no time.
  • Jump Down Spin Around:  Better get up and dance to this one! Can you jump down and spin around as fast as they sing it?  We tried, and had a blast!  Our favorite song on the album.
  • Why Oh Why:  "Why can't a bird eat an elephant?"  That line alone should give you a little hint about this hilarious song that got every ounce of my kid's attention!
  • Down In The Medder:  A short little instrumental interlude.
  • Soldier's Joy:  An upbeat country hoe-down that just had us up and square dancing! What was it about...hmm, still not completely sure (we just know we liked it)!
  • Jamaica Farewell:  Ok, so I confess-I am a huge parrot fan (yes, as in Jimmy Buffet) so this song had a lot of appeal.  The lyrics reminded me a lot of Buffet, but with a Jamaican/Country vibe.
  • Prairie Dream:  An instrumental lullaby that will help calm your little one down after all the jumping about to Veirs' songs on this album.
I give Tumble Bee by Laura Veirs a 4 out of 5 for its creative revival of old children's lullabies.  I really enjoyed the folk/country vibe of the album and the nice mix of both soft lullabies and upbeat dance songs.


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