Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Strange Dees, Indeed by The Deedle Deedle Dees

Strange Dees Indeed by The Deedle Deedle Dees is just like it sounds...a strange way to learn about history (and it works)!  I was always one of those kids who had a hard time paying attention in classes with subject matter that really didn't catch my attention, and unfortunately one of those subjects is History.  Had I had a teacher like Llyod Miller (aka Ulysses S. Dee) who is not only the band leader and songwriter, but also teacher in some NYC schools who brings history to life with songs, I would have NEVER fallen asleep!  I would have learned something too.

Strange Dees, Indeed is a great CD for any parent who likes fun, folksy, rock-a-delic tunes that teach lessons.  This disc is great for teachers in grades 3rd and up who are teaching History lessons in an overstuffed classroom and need a way to get the kids attention!

Here is what you get on the CD:
  • Ah Ahimsa:  Make peace-not war with this catchy tune complete with a history lesson on Gandhi.
  • Cool Papa Bell:  Still not so sure about what this song is about...but I do know that I love the beat of it! Had the kids headbanging in their carseats (they thought it was about their "Papa")!
  • A Song For Abigail Adams:  A sweet love song about John and Abigail Adams writing letters to each other.
  • The Golem:  A fun Greek-sounding song that will have you kids up and stomping around like The Golem!  Loved the kids talking about "what they would make their Golem do."
  • Marie Curie:  A French tune about Ms. Curie and her suitcase of radium.  Funny song, with great lyrics and a some French thrown in!
  • Sojourner Truth: A bluesy song about the journey of Sojourner Truth.
  • River of Blood:  A science lesson about our bodies and the important job blood plays in keeping it ticking!
  • Penny Farthing: A crazy song about...hm, a carriage, a plow?  Hahaha, just looked it up and now I get it! Fun little song you might want to Google too.
  • Mayor LaGuardia's Stomach:  Grandma tells the tale of running straight into the Mayor's stomach! Funny tale...funny lady.
  • Sacagawea (and Disco Addendum):  Rock out to this crazy song about Sacagawea! Sure to catch your student's attention with a history lesson they won't even realize they are learning.  Stick around for the Disco mix that will have them jumping around the room.
  • Camperdown Elm:  A good one for the kiddos to sing along to about the Elm in the Brooklyn Burroughs.
  • Birds of America Don't Care-Oh:  A fast indie-rock song that might just get your kids whistling like a warbler?!
  • Whaleship Essex: The story of the sinking of The Essex, due to crashing into a giant whale, and the disastrous journey of the crew to find land.
  • Skating in Old Bryant Park: An upbeat tale about enjoying the day skating in the park.
  • Phineas Gage Has Something to Tell These People:  Ouch! A rap song about a slave worker who got a rod shot through his head working on the railroad, and survived to be a circus act!  5th grade boys will love this one!
  • Dead Horse Bay:  My kids had a fun time hopping, stopping, and playing around to this upbeat song!  The things he found in Dead Horse Bay...not so much fun.
  • Henry (Hudson), How Ya Gonna Find a Way?":  The story of Henry Hudson and his impact on New York City.
  • Bluebird>Redbird, Redbird>Reef: I liked this song about birds flying over New York City, and thought it was a perfect way to end the album on a slower note.
Strange Dees, Indeed by The Deedle Deedle Dees is a crazy history lesson that is perfect for teachers!  Check out the song list above, and see just what you can do with these great songs.  Available now on CDBaby.com.


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