Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kid's App Series: My Talking Toys Apps-Silly Free Fun For Everyone!

I have decided to just go ahead and make all of my App reviews available under "Kid's App Series."  Why?  Because I have a ton of great App reviews I have already done, and so many more great ones to come.  This way you can easily search for them on MLME to find the best fit for your child.

Today's review is from My Talking Toys who offer such FREE Apps as:  My Talking Teddy, My Talking Pirate, My Talking Rapper, My Talking Cowboy, and coming soon My Talking Princess.

These Apps are all FREE now for download with only a small ad below them.  The kids really enjoyed the cute characters and the actions they could do.  Each character does slightly different things, but they are all very cute, non-scary, and appropriate for any age child (except The Cowboy).

Here is the breakdown of what we liked about each character.
  • -My Talking Teddy:  Adorable Teddy Bear who can mimick your child's voice (though it turns out sounding kinda silly and slightly demonic!).  Teddy Bear can play songs on his guitar or horn, or you can play the keyboard below him to make him play specific notes.  Teddy Bear can dance for you, and you can even record his actions and send them to a friend!
  • -My Talking Pirate:  Cutesy-looking peg-legged pirate who can turn your words into silly sounds that his parrot can mimmick.  You can make him dance or play the keyboard notes (skulls) to make music.
  • -My Talking Rapper:  He can repeat your words, dance for you, play music (which you get to choose) and spin records.  Try pushing his stomach to see him break it down.
  • -My Talking Cowboy: This one is more for older kids and parents due to the shooting game.  He can also play the harmonica, repeat your words and dance.
  • -My Talking Princess (Coming Soon):  Check out the YouTube video below of this upcoming App:

My Talking Toys is a great free app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  Check them all out today at


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